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In case you encounter this issue you can try the following to solve this:

A, If you use intelligent mode, make sure most of your products are available for recommendation. But what does this mean?

  1. The products are available in your store
  2. The stock for most of your products is higher than 0 or those are available for purchase when out of stock
  3. You applied the ‘ac-hidden’ tag in products that aren’t available for purchase, or you do not want to recommend. For more information on how to you can hide product please visit

Note: If you have hundreds of products, and only a few are available, it can cause the recommender to filter most of the found products from recommendations. Keep in mind, even for intelligent recommendation, it favors similar products or products from the same category, to what your customers are viewing.

B, If you use category bestseller, make sure you have enough available products in the same category, and most of your products in the store are available.

Note: Keep in mind that product variants are still counted toward as one product, even if you have different styles and sizes. It means if you did set up only 1 product, and all the other products are set up as variants of that one product, the recommender will see them all as the same product. In that case, please create separate products, where each design is a new product and develop variants that only differ in sizes or similar non-visual property.