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Upsell recommendation app collects your store’s purchase and browsing data from all customers and visitors.

Our recommendation algorithm predicts what products your customers may want to buy next. And intelligently display the most relevant products your specific customers are most likely to buy, just like Amazon.

There are 3 types of recommendation logics/algorithms:

  • Best sellers of your store
  • Category best sellers of your store
  • Intelligent/smart product recommendation

You can choose to set which recommendation(s) on which page (homepage, product page, cart page).

How smart/intelligent product recommendation work?

Smart product recommendation on the home page:

It works in three stages.

Step 1: it was displayed if somebody is an unknown visitor (F.e.: she is a first time visitor or open your website in incognito tab). There is nothing about these visitors yet, so we can’t recommend a product. Because of that, we display the most popular products for them. We calculate popularity from the visits of the last 30 days. Popularity means that the more times your users visit a product over the past 30 days, the more popular for us.

Stage 2 will go on when a visitor has viewed one or two products. In this case, we will collect the information for more accurate offers. However, we already know which product you’ve been viewing last time so we can show you more customized recommendations than the most popular products.
In this case, you will see the smart recommendations from the last viewed product page on the home page. In this step, the products on the home page of the Smart Product recommendation widgets are the same that the user has seen on the Smart Product Recommendation widget on the product page.

Stage 3 will go on when the visitor has already visited enough product page so we can build a profile about her. We find similar users who visit the same pages like her and show products on the homepage that these users visited, but she did not.


Smart product recommendation on the product page:

This algorithm will search all users who have viewed the product. Then examines what products these users visited besides that product. Products that most people have visited are the ones that will appear in the recommendation widget.


Smart product recommendation on the cart page:

This algorithm works mostly the same as the product page. The difference is that if there are more products in the cart, then the algorithm checks the recommendations relationship with each product – what your users are visiting – and selects the most frequently visited ones.



Implementation period

In addition, there is an implementation period. It means that Upsell Recommendations needs to collect data on the behavior of your visitors before it can display intelligent product recommendations. While data is being collected, we show your best sellers on the home page and the category best seller on your product- and cart pages. When enough data is collected and analyzed, intelligent product recommendation will begin automatically.